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To celebrate the 65th Anniversary of the twinning of Vespa Club and Vespa Club Dauphinois, we have the honour to invite you to the 1st 500 km AUDAX VESPISTICO “TRASALPINO”, a touristic event, in average speed, that for the first time in history, will involve two nations under the aegis of Vespa Club Italia and Vespa Club de France, to give life to a new chapter of the “Vespa” legend.

The tradition that bonds VCTorino to France goes back to the 50s, to the Turin-Lyon, to the Paris Eurovespa, the Charbonnier Rally, those are just some of the events to which our club took part, creating a strong relationship that is still growing nowadays.

Starting from the Olympics mountains, we will make you know the roads that connect us through the most famous Alps passes such as Mont Cenis, Lautaret, Chamrousse, Croix de Fer, you will be able to admire the roads and the landscapes that only the Colzie Alps can give you.

Are you ready to accept the challenge and make history?



Vespa Club Torino can claim a solid relationship, during the years, with the City of Giaveno, elected starting and finishing point of the Audax Transalpino, as well as a strategic centre for its proximity to the City of Turin and the most interesting Alps passes, with an extremely pleasant climate even during the hottest periods of the year.

At sunset we will leave from Giaveno and, coasting the Avigliana lake, we will reach the City of Susa, founded by the romans, it has a long history as a crossroads of several alpine routes between Italy and France.

From Susa we will start climb the historic Col du Mont Cenis at an altitude of 2083mt, pass crossed by Hannibal and later crucial point for all pilgrims coming from Northern Europe, that in this place could find shelter and refreshment at the Mont Cenis hospital. On a clear day, toking at light reflected on the water of the lake in the early morning is extremely fulfilling.

We will continue downhill to reach the City of Modane, to follow in direction of Col du Mollard to reach the Col de la Croix de Fer at an altitude of 2067 mt. through hard hairpin bends and tight curves in the mountains of the Dauphine Alps.

The descent to Allemond allows us to get to Vizille known throughout France for its castle dating from the seventeenth century to the events related to the French Revolution and Napoleon, who stayed in this place, finally we cross Uriage to reach St. Martin d’Heres where we will be welcomed at the Scooteria by the friends of the Vespa Club Dauphinois to deal with time controls and consume a frugal lunch with resetting the 1-hour time.

From Saint Martin d’Heres we will start the climb to Chamrousse at an altitude of 1750mt, a beautiful and demanding street with a unique view, in fact, for years this was a special stage of the Monte Carlo Rally. Going down the valley we will meet the junction for Allemond, where we will follow the road and start climb to the legendary Col du Lautaret at an altitude of 2058 mt, legendary pass that combines the epic deeds of cycling, the grand botanical garden surrounded by a landscape all made of mountain tops.

Continue downhill to Briançon, former capital of the Republic of Escartons, walled city declared a World Heritage Site, along the large park Ecrins that will not leave you indifferent. Reached Briancon, the last effort of the day will include the climb to the hill of La Scala at an altitude of 1766 mt., road extremely interesting and equally challenging enriched by a sunset that will make the descent to Val di Susa through Giaveno, lighter.

Reached Giaveno will only have to carry out the formalities of the C.O. then finally you can relax in the cosy square Mautino pending served dinner and the stars will give the last emotion.



Friday July 28th:

17.00 – 20.30: reception of pilots and opening of the secretary at the headquarters of the Alpini of Giaveno – Valgioie di Giaveno, via Caduti sul Lavoro.
21.00: possibility to have dinner at the Alpini for €15 prior reservation via email

Saturday July 29th:

5.30: opening of the secretary and breakfast
6.00: briefing
6.30: departure of the first contestant from via Caduti sul Lavoro, Giaveno
13.00: check of the first contestant in Saint Martin d’Heres at the Scooteria with refreshment break
14.00: check of the last contestant in Saint Martin d’Heres at the Scooteria
20.30: arrival of the fist contestant in the historical centre of Giaveno
21.30: dinner followed by prize giving in Mautino square, Giaveno

Sunday July 30th:

10.30: hangout at the Alpini of Giaveno – Valgioie di Giaveno venue, via Caduti sul Lavoro
10.45: parade through the streets of the city center of Giaveno and optional lunch
15.00: ending of the event, thanks and reguards



Enrolments will open on March 15th, 2017 and will close on June 15th, 2017 of the reach of the maximum number of participants.

The participation is open to adult drivers, members of a Vespa Club affiliate regularly to the Vespa World Club.

Italian drivers will also need to have the MOTOASI and Vespa Club d’Italia card; drivers coming from other countries must be in possession of a certificate of insurance coverage for non-competitive games and sporting activities.

Click here to download the enrolment modulus.


Enrolment will be €90 and will comprehend:

  • Numbered band shield
  • Remember plaque
  • Patch
  • Adhesive
  • High visibility jacket
  • Road book, roadmap, pen and lanyard
  • 500ml of synthetic oil mixture
  • Poster of the event
  • First aid kit
  • Diploma Audax/certificate
  • Inflate & repair cartridge
  • Bag
  • Various gadgets
  • Breakfast, refreshment break and Saturday dinner
  • Timing service
  • Broom wagon
  • Prizes

The payment can be made through bank transfer to Vespa Club Torino ASD with the following coordinates:
Banca Cassa di Risparmio di Savigliano S.p.A. – IBAN: IT 87 O 06305 20000 000260112520 stating as reason “Audax Transalpino + name and surname”.

To register, please send the registration form completed in all its parts and signed, together with the payment transfer receipt to the email address



1. Definition:
Touristic Demonstration in average speed on roads open to traffic with time controls (CO) aimed at the average control sets and controls Stamps (CT) to verify the transition on the path reserved exclusively for Vespa and Cosa Piaggio models.
Vehicles must be in compliance with the rules of Italian and French circulation (including those relating to the compulsory equipment) and the conductors must comply the rules.

2. Participation:
Participation is open to adult drivers enrolled in a regular Vespa Club affiliated to the Vespa World Club, the possession of MOTOASI C1 card and Vespa Club of Italy is also needed for Italian conductor, foreign drivers must be in possession of a certificate of insurance coverage for non-competitive games and sporting activities.
Who does not have the MOTOASI “C1” license or the Vespa Club of Italy Card cannot participate in the event.
Who is not in possession of the card MOTOASI, will be able to ask for it to organization by paying additional €15,50 and attaching the certificate of non-competitive sports activities.

3. Enrolments:
Registration for the event will open on March 15, 2017 and close on 15 June, 2017, or the achievement of 150 members. The cost of the event is € 90 and includes: breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, high visibility jacket, first aid kits, 500 ml of synthetic oil, end shields, stickers of the event, patches, inflate and repair cartridge, remember plaques, poster of the event, Audax degree / certificate of participation, tab with the road map, road book, pen, bag.
All necessary information can be downloaded from .
Only online registrations will be accepted by sending the copy of the transfer and of the form by e-mail at Enrolments made on the day of the event will not be accepted. The starting order will be drawn at the ending of registration, by and at the discretion of the organization.

4. Teams:
Teams must be made of member of the same Vespa Club. For the purposes of the ranking only the best three drivers will be taken into account for each Club. The team may have just one expert pilot.

5. Start and finish:
The starting line will be in via Caduti sul Lavoro, Giveno. The first participant will depart Saturday July 29th at 6.30, departures will be set one every 30 seconds, times will be indicated in the roadmap delivered to each participant.
Each competitor will be assigned a shield band with the starting number which must be applied to the scooter only in the position required by the Organizer and communicated at the time of the briefing.

6. Briefing:
The briefing will be held before the departure and in any moment in which it would be necessary to communicate every news or report noteworthy or useful to the progress safety of the event. All the contestants must participate. During the briefing it will be possible to clear up any doubts as to interpretation on the regulation. The opinion of the Clerk of the Course is the only valid one for the purposes of interpretation of the same.

7. Roadmap and course:
The route will be approximately between 480 and 510 km long, all on roads open to traffic. Each participant will receive, before departure, their timetable and a detailed road book, illustrating the partial and total kilometres, places and times of CO, the areas for CT controls. The CO and CT controls, will be appropriately signposted along the way. The organization has to have one or more secret CT secrets along the path whose presence will be reported but not indicated in the road book.
The road book will also include the translation of some of the signs that you will encounter along the way on French roads.
The average speed is calculated in 37 km per hour. It is admitted any type of speed detector as long as it does not emit any sound, it is allowed to manually synchronize clocks, while it is forbidden to synchronize clock through cables. GPS navigators and helmets with Bluetooth technology cannot be used.

8. Timed testes (CO)/(PA) and stamp checks (CT):
The detection of times is left to a dedicated group of official timekeepers belonging to the Federazione Nazionale Cronometristi. They will ensure the exact time taken in following with this regulation and will produce the race rankings. The Time Unit (UT) for the controls is the hundredth of a second and all measurements should be carried out automatically with writing equipment. The photocells for timekeeping must be visible. The position of the timekeepers will be accessible only to the organizing staff who will be immediately identifiable and recognizable. Anyone of the participants fails to follow this rule will be sanctioned at the discretion of the Race Director. This requirement also applies to the people in the public relatable in any way to participants.
The timed tests (CO) and (PA) consist on passing through photocells following the assigned time tracking.
The time trial will be preceded and followed by a “No Stop Stretch” subject to any penalties.
The participant is assigned, for each time trial, an imposed time. The penalties are calculated separately.

First example:

Imposed time:
Detected time:
Penalties: 20 points

Second example:

Imposed time:
Detected time:
Penalties: 0 points

Third example:

Imposed time:
Detected time:
Penalties: 5 points

The time unit used during checks is the hundredth of a second.
Likewise, for failure to show at CO established by the timetable 400 penalty points in the standings will be counted.
The competitor who suffers this burden standing can still continue the event, but he must get through the stamping test area to get the stamp or he will be disqualified.
At the start of the “No stop” area of each CO, the official time of the event is detectable with just passing time.
The stamp controls (CT) stations are not timed and are stations in which the personnel shall stamp on the roadmap proving the participant transit.
The posts will be removed after 30 minutes after the scheduled time for the passage of the last competitor.

9. Penalties:
The following penalties are followed:
1. 20 points if a foot is laid on the ground in “No Stop” road stretch
2. 50 points if both feet are laid on the ground in “No Stop” road stretch
3. 50 points if the high visibility jacket is not worn
4. 50 points if the engine stops in “No Stop” road stretch
5. 50 points in the case of output from the path in “No Stop” road stretch
6. 50 points if the helmet is not worn
7. Disqualification if in “No Stop” road stretch, the license plate of the vehicle is obscured
8. Disqualification in case of failure to stamp check or time check, or non-delivery of the roadmap
9. Disqualification if the control zone is reached with a one-hour delay (equal to or greater than 60:00), the contestant can, however, continue the route.

10. Rankings and awards:
The ranking will be drawn up following regularity detected timing to the hundredth of second. In case of equality of two or more contestants, the first time control will be discriminating, then the second and so on, in case you still have ex-equo, the timing will be considered to a thousandth of second. They will be awarded the top 10, with a score that refers to the regulation of the Championship Audax 2017, of which the event is part. All riders who finish the event will receive a certificate of participation. Also the top five in both the expert category and promo category will be awarded.

Special prizes:
Pascoli trophy, reserved to 8” wheels: best three pilots in the first three C.O.
MOTOASI trophy, reserved to 10” wheels: best three pilots in C.O. number 4, 5 and 6
CMP trophy, reserved to Oltre category: best three pilots at C.O. number 7, 8 and 9
Carbone trophy: best pilot at C.O. 10, 11 and 12 for each category
Corner trophy: best C.O. in Italy and best C.O. in France (cannot be the same person)

11. Touristic category:
It will be established, for promotional purposes, a touristic category for all owners of Vespa and Cosa vehicles who will want to follow the event as tourists. Participants must follow the same path of the “Race” category based on the “road book” given to them by the Vespa Club organizer. The same must comply with the normal rules of the Highway Code and will carry mandatory only in passing stamp controls. They will not be considered for the ranking but they will still receive a certificate of participation.

12. Dress code:
Approved gloves (mandatory in France) and helmet are mandatory, as well as the high visibility jackets given by the organization comity and technical clothes adequate to an altitude of over 2000 m. It will not be allowed to travel with shorts and flip-flops.

13. Legal aspects:
The participants, upon registration to the event, declare that to have read and accepted the rules of the event and also declare to exempt the organization from any liability for damages and inconveniences of any kind to persons, property and third, giving up a priori, both from them by those entitled to any compensation and to any use of bodies and authorities not addressed in this article by the regulation. Also, participants joining the event, through the registration stating that the vehicle, which they led, holds regular registration certificate, in compliance with the revision, covered by regular insurance RC and in compliance with current standards of CdS

14. Advertising and image rights:
Participants with the enrolment, allow the organization to have the right to use their own name and their image on the event, as well as the rights to use the images of the event itself. The participant, having acquired the information provided by the holder of the data processing pursuant to art. 13 D.Lgs 196/2003, gives his consent to the processing of sensitive data necessary for the performance of the event.

15. Complaints:
Complaints can be presented to the Race Director in 30 minutes after the ranking as been published, upon a €100 payment that will be given back in case of right complain.

16. Final notes:
The organization comity reserves the right to make changes on the present regulation document, publishing any changes on . With the enrolment you accept this all regulation, from art. 1 to art.16.

Expert Pilots:
Acquafresca Bruno, Agnolin Fabio, Angiolini Andrea, Benardelli Aldo, Biagi Valfre, Bigazzi Giovanni, Biserni Elvezio, Bisti Alessandro, Bozzetti Carlo, Caccamisi Andrea, Caccamisi Franco, Cagni Gabriele, Carboni Riccardo, Celestini Roberto, Cenci Mauro, Di Clementi Roberto, Ederle Fabio, Federici Claudio, Gatti Gianmaurizio, Gatti Lorenzo, Gecele Andrea, Grott Ermanno, Lombardelli Riccardo, Marchisiello Claudio, Marino Lino, Mattioli Paolo, Meneghelli Cristian, Palazzetti Domenico, Pellizzato Angelo, Pilati Leonardo, Proietti Mario, Sbrana Fabio, Serafini Pierluigi, Tomassini Marco, Torreggiani Franco, Traversi Gaetano, Ulisse Federico, Valeri Moreno, Vatteroni Gianpiero, Wegher Matteo.



The following hotel facilities are available:

Campers will be allowed to stay in the backyard of the Alpini Valgiopie headquarters in via Caduti sul Lavoro

– B&B Giaveno, Via Coste, 28 – Giaveno, Tel. 339 823 2387
Distance from the event: 1,8 km
2 rooms for 3 persons. € 45,00 for 2 persons,  € 67,50 for 3 persons.

– B&B Colombino, Via Francesco Marchini 5 – Giaveno Tel. 339 564 9405
Distance from the event: 550 m
2 rooms for 6 persons , 30,00 Euro for each person at night.

– B&B Ca Bianca, Via Monte Orsiera 3 – Giaveno Tel. 3333521551
Distance from the event: 2,6 km
1 accommodation: 5 beds (3+2) 100,00 euro at night.

– B&B Monterossino, Borgata Ughetti Monterossino 3 – Giaveno Tel. 331 956 1018
Distance from the event: 3,9 km
1 room for two persons € 60,00, for each added bed €15,00, € 90,00 for four persons, € 105,00 for five persons. The price includes overnight stay and breakfast.

– B&B Il Ginepro, Via Musinè, 46 – Giaveno Tel. 011 936 3202
Distance from the event: 2,5 km
1 single room € 35,00 euro at night. 1 double room € 55,00 at night, 1 triple room € 70,00 at night. 1 quadruple room € 80,00 at night. 1 room for 5 persons 90,00 at night.

– B&B Al Molino, Borgata Molino 37 – Valgioie Tel. 3474210994
Distance from the event: 2,9 km
1 accommodation for 4 persons (bedroom and kitchen), 4 places 80,00 Euro at night e 2 places 50,00 Euro at night.

– Hotel Sport***, Corso Torino 248 – Avigliana, Tel. 011 934 2384
Distance from the event: 9,5 km
10 rooms available from 1 to 3 persons. Single room at night 45,00 Euro, double room 56,00 Euro at night, triple room 75,00 Euro at night.

– Hotel Caprice***, Via Pinerolo 1 – Avigliana, Tel. 011 931 2646
Distance from the event: 5,7 km
10 rooms available from 1 to 3 persons. Single room at night 57,00 Euro, double room 80,00 Euro at night, 95,00 Euro at night with breakfast and garage for Vespa.

– Hotel Ninfa****, Viale M. Ghandi 9 – Avigliana, Tel. 011 976 1611
Distance from the event: 10,2 km
STANDARD rooms presents all comforts required for 4 stars category.
ECONOMY rooms presents all comforts required for 3 stars category.
Double single use:
STANDARD: € 78,00 for room at night (with breakfast)
ECONOMY: € 58,00 for room at night (with breakfast)
ECONOMY ROOM ONLY: € 50,00 for room at night
Double rooms:
STANDARD: € 98,00 for room at night (with breakfast)
ECONOMY: € 78,00 for room at night (with breakfast)
ECONOMY ROOM ONLY: € 60,00 for room at night
Triple rooms:
STANDARD: € 120,00 for room at night (with breakfast)
ECONOMY: € 105,00 for room at night (with breakfast)
ECONOMY ROOM ONLY: € 90,00 for room at night
Quadruple rooms:
STANDARD: € 140,00 for room at night (with breakfast)
ECONOMY: € 120,00 for room at night (with breakfast)
ECONOMY ROOM ONLY: € 100,00 for room at night

– Hotel Chalet del Lago***, Via Monginevro, 26, Avigliana, Tel. 011 936 9225
Distance from the event: 6,7 km
20 rooms for 40 persons. Standard double room 90,00 Euro at night; single room 60,00 Euro at night with breakfast.

We remind to all participants that being a season of high season, the available rooms were blocked only until May 15th. Please do not hesitate to book it as soon as possible.

Communicate during the booking process that you are competing with the Audax Vespistico Transalpino.